About Us

Dr. Edgar Blum

Senior Advisor

Favourite Region: Valais

Cyrill Tröndle

Member of the Board / Founder

Favourite region: The Alps

Dr. Boaz Barack

Senior Advisor

Favourite region: Geneva

Dr. Christian Katz

Chairman of the Board

Favourite region: Zurich

SCX (Swiss Crypto Exchange) is the first regulated Swiss exchange platform for blockchain products and crypto currencies. We offer the trading of Bitcoin, Ether and selected payment and utility tokens. Our platform is SRO/VQF regulated and aims to provide safe, high quality and transparent access to blockchain-based products in a rapidly growing transaction market. SCX contributes to standardization, legitimacy and transparency in accordance with Swiss quality and safety criteria.

Martina Weinberger

Head of Administration

Favourite region: Crypto Valley

Raffael Kuhn

Product Management

Favourite region: Berne

Mazlum Toprak

Head of IT

Favourite region: Lake Lucerne

Claudio Eberle

Head of Sales

Favourite region: Davos

Dr. Francesco Adiliberti


Favourite region: Ticino