Account Management

Funding is done through Swiss Banks. You will be able to see the acount information of our partner bank once you have logged in and initiated a trade. 

With SCX clients get their crypto currencies paid out directly to their own wallets. In order to receive your purchased crypto currencies or tokens you require a public Ether or Bitcoin address for your wallet.  Download your step by step instruction on how to establish a new wallet in case you do not own one yet.

- Create an Ethereum Wallet with Metamask

- Create a Bitcoin Wallet with

We have outlined the signup process at "Get Started". You will probably find your answer already there. If that´s not the case, please contact our support team and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If the documents did not have the requested quality you may have to reload them for validation. You will receive status emails for this. Documents can easliy be uploaded in the KYC section of your profile
We are 24/7 committed to provide you with the best available information at "Get Started"  You will find most answers to your questions in the frequently asked questions. Contact us with your specific request for information including your public client number per email at [email protected]
Requests for higher trading volumes can be sent to [email protected]. Specific requests are answered personally depending on the subject. You should usually expext an answer within 48 hours but this depends on the time of the day and the complexity of your request. 
The verification of your client data should normally be completed within 48 hours. In exceptional cases and when we experience a high frequency of new registrations the verification process can require more time to be completed.
In the first phase we accept Swiss clients with a Swiss ID. There are no restrictions for pre-registrations.
Currently we accept payments from Swiss bank accounts. We are continuously working on extending our payment solutions.
There´s no general limit. Under current legislation, we are required to ask you for additional information about the source of the transaction volume when your trading volume exeeds CHF 500.- Each client and transaction are individually scrutinised. 
SCX accepts the following ID verification documents:
  • ID (front / back, colored, scan or photo)
  • Pass (full page, colored, scan or photo)
  • Address confirmation (visible address of an official invoice, legible, scan or photo, not older than 3 months)"
  • Adressbestätigung (Sichtbare Adresse einer amtlichen Rechnung, gut leserlich, Scan oder Foto, nicht älter als 3 Monate)
The step-by-step registration process for participation in trading and the documentation required for it can be found here - "Get Started"
All information about our pricing can be found at our Fee Policy.
If you are interested in registering a firm or a legal entity the fastest way is to personally contact our sales team via email: [email protected]
If you are interested in registering as a fund the fastest way is to personally contact our sales team via email: [email protected]
SCX is required to comply with customer identification and due diligence standards. Other entities might meet requirements in different ways, but the requirements from the authorities are the same for all regulated entities.
You can see the current verification status in your profile overview at "Profile"
Access your cryptos from everywhere. Our app will come in the near future and will be available for iOS and Android.
No. This is not an option for regulatory reasons. We reserve the right to cancel multiple trading accounts without client query.
With the decentralized exchange, the orders are mapped via smart contract in the blockchain. Since transactions are written in blocks (blockchain), blocks are usually used for times. The current block time can be found at Etherscan.
Registration should take you only a few minutes. Data verification should normally be completed within 48 hours.
You will find the actual Ethereum blocktime at Etherscan and the corresponding Bitcoin blocktime at SCX will conduct a series of automated and manual checks that may take some additional time to confirm. 
You will find the step by step guide at "Get Started".
After a successful purchase, your cryptocurrencies will be sent to your specified wallet address. You will receive a transaction confirmation on the respective Blockchain network.
To prevent fraud, orders must be paid and confirmed within 60 minutes. Please execute the payment within 60 minutes, otherwise the order expires automatically. The clock signals the remaining time to upload the payment confirmation.
Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies purchased on the "Broker" service appear in the SCX Dashboard. However, these are paid out to the public keys you specify. This means that you can always display your credit on the appropriate Blockchain Explorer.

On the token exchange, your positions are on the smart contract and/or in your own wallets.
Log into with your personal login and your password. You will then find your current transactions on the Dashboard page. With the Token Exchange they are visible in a separate tab in the menu.
Log in to SCX with your personal login and your password. You can then easily change your password via your Profile. Re-uploading KYC data (Pass / ID / Proof of Residence) results in a new KYC review by SCX. If you would like to change your e-mail address, please send a message to [email protected].
We need a valid bank accout/IBAN number to transfer CHF or EUR.
We don´t offer a public API at this point in time. As soon as we have API end points and the corresponding documentation ready we will inform you. 
Please contact us at [email protected].
SCX needs to perform a KYC check to admit your personal data and crypto wallet before allowing you to trade. During working days this generally should not take longer than 24 hours.
No not yet. We plan to offer two-way trading, i.e. buying and selling Bitcoin and Ether, a few weeks after go-live.