Fee Policy

Certain Services of SCX are not free and fees may apply as mentioned in this Fee Policy. If you do not agree to the Fee Policy, the Terms or any policies and procedures incorporated by reference, please exit the Site immediately.

The Fee Policy is subject to change at any time without notice and access to, and use of the Site and/or User Account and/or Services may be restricted or terminated at any time. You are therefore advised to review the Fee Policy each time you access the Site, your Account or any of our Services.

Fee Table

Account opening fee


Monthly account maintenance fee


Account suspension fee


Account closure fee


Request for data correction


Execution of Buying Order < 100’000 CHF


Execution of Buying Order 100’000.01 CHF – 3'000'000 CHF


Execution of Buying Order 3’000’000.01 CHF and over

On Request

Execution of Sales Order < 100’000 CHF


Execution of Sales Order 100’000.01 CHF – 500’000 CHF


Execution of Sales Order 500’000.01 CHF – 1’000’000 CHF 


Execution of Sales Order 1’000’000.01 CHF – 3’000’000 CHF 


Execution of Sales Order 3’000’000.01 CHF and over 

On Request

Payment in FIAT via SEPA transfer for buying operation


Transfer in FIAT via SEPA for selling operation


*limited on a monthly volume up to 100'000 CHF

Update and Approval

The present policy should be revised in yearly bases and updated whenever appropriate. For updates in citation, and not material changes the update can be performed immediately with the double approval of the CO and one authorised manager of SCX. For further or material updates or modification, this will be presented to the board of directors for approval. In yearly bases, all changes will be presented to the board of directors for their final approval, or in case in which during a year no change was performed, this situation will be brought to the attention of the board of directors.

Validity and Document Management

Version: 18.07.2018