Security and Privacy

For private customers, we initially only offer the purchase functionality for Bitcoin and Ether. Two-sided trading, ie buying and selling, we offer after a few weeks after our go live.

Any information or documentation given to us is treated in confidence in compliance with the duty of confidentiality on banking secrecy. SCX will never hand over your data to any third parties without your consent or without a legal obligation to do so. For details, check our Privacy Policy.

2FA is an additional password that, depending on the setting, is regenerated approximately every 30 seconds when a user wants to log in to his account or initiate a trade. 2FA programs like Google Authenticator or Authy are best installed on your mobile phone. Thus, an additional layer of security is created, since in addition to email and password also a dynamic code is needed.

We strongly recommend two-factor-authorization and choosing a secure password. The password should only be used on one website and be changed regularly.
After successful authentication, the 2FA key can be reset by SCX. Please contact us at [email protected]. In this case, certain KYC files must be uploaded again and match the previous data.
Reset your password by clicking on "Forgotten password" in the login area.
Please contact us at [email protected]. We have to verify that it´s really you before deleting any information.
We support all current and current desktop browsers for the brokerage platform. Due to the required MetaMask plug-in we recommend using Google's Chrome browser to use the token platform.