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Account Management

Funding is done through Swiss Banks. You will be able to see the acount information of our partner bank once you have logged in and initiated a trade. 

With SCX clients get their crypto currencies paid out directly to their own wallets. In order to receive your purchased crypto currencies or tokens you require a public Ether or Bitcoin address for your wallet.  Download your step by step instruction on how to establish a new wallet in case you do not own one yet.

- Create an Ethereum Wallet with Metamask

- Create a Bitcoin Wallet with blockchain.info

We have outlined the signup process at "Get Started". You will probably find your answer already there. If that´s not the case, please contact our support team and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Security and Privacy

For private customers, we initially only offer the purchase functionality for Bitcoin and Ether. Two-sided trading, ie buying and selling, we offer after a few weeks after our go live.

Any information or documentation given to us is treated in confidence in compliance with the duty of confidentiality on banking secrecy. SCX will never hand over your data to any third parties without your consent or without a legal obligation to do so. For details, check our Privacy Policy.

2FA is an additional password that, depending on the setting, is regenerated approximately every 30 seconds when a user wants to log in to his account or initiate a trade. 2FA programs like Google Authenticator or Authy are best installed on your mobile phone. Thus, an additional layer of security is created, since in addition to email and password also a dynamic code is needed.


About SCX

Swiss Crypto Exchange - SCX (Swiss Crypto Exchange) is the first regulated Swiss exchange platform for blockchain products and crypto currencies.

We offer the trading of Bitcoin, Ether and selected payment and utility tokens. Our platform is SRO/VQF regulated and aims to provide safe, high quality and transparent access to blockchain-based products in a rapidly growing transaction market. SCX contributes to standardization, legitimacy and transparency in accordance with Swiss quality and safety criteria.

The platform complies with the requirements of VQF, the leading, largest and officially recognised self regulation organisation according to the Federal Law of 10th October 1997 against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism in the Finance Sector. See also: SRO/VQF

We are 24/7 committed to provide you with the best available information in the wide area of crypto currencies. Contact us with your specific request for information per email at [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to help! Depending on the time we receive your request and it´s complexity, this usually takes up to 48 hours. 

We are committed to being your transparent and trusted partner. You will find information about Swiss Crypto Exchange as a company and why we have launched the company at our about us site, where we will provide background information about the SCX management team. If you are from the press​​ please email us at [email protected]. For Investment Relationship related questions - contact us at [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to help!



Blockchain is a general concept of a decentralized ledger for which a consensus about the right status of the ledger is achieved in spite of the fact that many participants are involved in validating the ledger. 
Yes they are in Switzerland and many other countries. There are several places in the world that completely ban the use of cryptocurrency and most countries are still in the very early stages of developing regulations. Please inform yourself about your individual situation because SCX does not provide, under any circumstances, legal advice or investment advice.

Although cryptocurrencies have seen substantial success in their first decade, there is no guarantee that this success will continue. Many institutions have reservations about investing time and money into an intangible currency with a volatile future.
A dApp is a decentralized application. A feature of a dApp is that the actual application is on the blockchain. A webpage or a mobile app can be a dApp.


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