User Account Policy

In order to access and use certain features on the Site and certain SCX Servies, you must request the creation of a user account (“Account”, the “User Account”) with SCX. By requesting the registration or creation of a User Account, you confirm and declare that you have read, reviewed, understood and accepted all of the following important legal information and present User Account Policy mentioned hereinafter and will comply to them, as well as the Terms and all policies and procedures incorporated by reference. If you do not agree to the User Account Policy, the Terms or any policies and procedures incorporated by reference, please exit the Site immediately.


The User Account Policy is subject to change at any time without notice and access to, and use of the Site and/or User Account and/or Services may be restricted or terminated at any time. You are therefore advised to review the User Account Policy each time you access the Site, your Account or any of our Services.

Registration of User Account

You can register only one User Account on the Site of SCX. If you try to register, create or open more than one Account, such additional Account can be suspended or closed. After having successfully completed the registration process (if the procedure is complete, and the information and documents provided by you are accurate, conclusive and authentic), SCX will enable your User Account.


Based on your request to create a User Account, you declare that: (1) you are aged at least 18 years old; (2) you are completely competent to accept the Terms of Use and any policies and procedures incorporated by reference for the purpose of fulfilment of any transactions of virtual currencies; (3) the virtual currencies that you will acquire via our Services will not be used as a means of payment of any unlawful or illegal activities; (4) the acquisition of these virtual currencies is not an activity of money laundering; (5) you are the holder and beneficial owner of the account or credit card used to perform the transfer of money in order to buy virtual currencies; (6) you declare on your own oath that the amount of money, used to acquire virtual currencies, is not the result of a fraud; (7) in case the contrary is demonstrated, you undertake to borne all the prejudices and any potential legal consequences, or compensations, non-material damage, material damage.


You agree to: (1) provide accurate, current and complete information when requesting, creating or updating an User Account; (2) maintain and promptly update your User Account information; (3) maintain the security and confidentiality of your login credentials and restrict access to your User Account and your computer; (4) promptly notify SCX Support if you discover or otherwise suspect any security breaches related to the Site; and (5) take responsibility for all activities that occur under your User Account and accept all risks of unauthorized access.

Account suspension

We might, at our own discretion, without being held liable before you or any third party, deny the opening of an Account, suspend your Account or close your Account or reconsider the manner in which one or several services operate. Such actions can be taken following the inactivity of the account, the failure to answer the requests for client support, spam-like activities (for example initiating transactions without completing them in the allotted time) or following the infringement of the Terms or any policies and procedures incorporated by reference.


Your Account can be suspended in compliance with the requirements of a valid notice or by legal order, or in case that SCX reasonably suspects that you might use your User Account for promotion purposes of illegal activities, (without limitation to these) or to open several Accounts or to abusively benefit from the promotions that SCX might offer from time to time.

At suspension of your User Account, you continue to be held liable for all the transactions carried out while the Account has been open.

Account Closure

You have the right to close your Account at any time, after the settlement of any ongoing transactions. To close your Account, simple consent is required. Moreover, you agree that SCX can annul the access to the Site, any of the Services or suspend and close your Account at any time and without a prior notification. In case SCX closes your Account; your consent is not required.


We have the right to annul, terminate the Service and close the User Account. We have the right to limit the access and content of the Site, to remove or delete the content, having as well the permission to take the necessary legal and technical measures to close the Account of the user on this Site, if we suspect that they create issues aimed to disturb the activity and integrity of SCX, or that they infringe the intellectual property right of third parties, or that their actions are not consistent and not complying with the Terms and/or policies and procedures incorporated by reference, or that they try to obtain the unauthorized access to this Site, or to use this service for illegal purposes, such as money laundering or the unlawful financing of criminal activities.

Refund in case of Account Suspension or Closure

If you have any unsettled transactions in an Account that has been suspended or closed, you will be refunded after the final settlement, except where prohibited by law, regulation or a legal order. SCX, at its choice, will make the refund to an already known bank account, verified during the registration process or will send the virtual currencies to an external address known by SCX. We reserve the right to request further identification data before processing such refunds and to delay or forbid these refunds, if SCX considers that any fraudulent or illegal activities have been carried out. If you do not manage to connect to your Account, you will have to contact the SCX Support in order to process such refund.

Password Security and Preservation of the Current Contact Details

You are responsible for the maintenance of the security and an appropriate control of any ID, passwords, information, personal identification numbers (PIN) or any other codes that you might use in order to access the services supplied by SCX. Any loss or corruption of the above information and/ or the personal information can enable the unauthorized access of third parties to your account.


You are responsible for keeping your e-mail address up to date, in your account, in order to receive any notices or alerts that we might send. SCX will not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by the non-fulfilment of rules related to the preservation of the information of the account, or the impossibility to track or act in relation to any notices or alerts that we might send.


In case you consider that the information of your SCX account has been corrupted, contact immediately the SCX Support at: [email protected] .We do not hold the liability for any damages or interruptions caused by computer viruses, any spyware or other types of malware which might affect the computer or other equipment, or by other sources of phishing, spoofing or attack.


It is recommended the regular use of a reliable antivirus for malware screening and the prevention software. If you have any doubts with regard to the authenticity of some information allegedly coming from the part of SCX, you must connect by means of your account, using the website  and not by clicking on the links contained by e-mails.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information about how SCX collects, uses and discloses information about its users.

Fee Policy

For information about fees for our Services, please refer to our Fee Policy.

Update and Approval

The present policy should be revised in yearly bases and updated whenever appropriate. For updates in citation, and not material changes the update can be performed immediately with the double approval of the CO and one authorised manager of SCX. For further or material updates or modification, this will be presented to the board of directors for approval. In yearly bases, all changes will be presented to the board of directors for their final approval, or in case in which during a year no change was performed, this situation will be brought to the attention of the board of directors.

Validity and Document Management

This Policy and procedure has been approved by SCX board of directors on 15 February, 2018. It replaces and supersedes any prior policy and procedures on this subject matter. This Policy shall be reviewed and if necessary updated annually by the CO and hence is valid until 15 February, 2019, unless a revision is published prior.

Version: 15.02.2018